Mitsubishi Ecodan

Mitsubishi air source heat pump are categorised as being more efficient than any other form of heating solution. The Ecodan air heat pump system is an inverter driven heat pump compressor that takes the energy from the air and increases its temperature enabling it to be used for heating. The inverter can cleverly regulate the output to suit the climate, time of day and accommodate changes in outdoor air temperature increases the efficiency by only consuming the exact energy needed, when it's needed, which is perfect for the type of climate we get here in the UK.

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How It Works

1. The refrigerant in the evaporator is colder than the heat source. The result of this means the heat moves from the outside air to the refrigerant which then evaporates.

2. The vapour from this state change moves to the compressor which then reaches a higher temperature and subsequently a higher pressure.

3. The vapour now at a higher temperature enters a condenser and gives off heat as it condenses.

4. The refrigerant will then move to the expansion valve which subsequently drops in pressure and temperature and finally returns to the evaporator.

Mitsubishi have created some animated videos highlighting the benefits of its Ecodan heat pump for homeowners, social housing providers and landlords. The links to these insightful videos are listed below.

Ecodan for Multi-Dwelling Buildings Animation Video
This video focuses on how the Mitsubishi Ecodan is easy to install, will reduce running costs and lower carbon emissions for social housing providers and landlords.

Ecodan for Homeowners Animation Video
This video is focused on homeowners and heating a home. It highlights how the Ecodan is a viable, cost effective alternative compared to other forms of heating.

Ecodan for Commercial Heating Animation Video
This video is based on using a school as an example and shows how the Ecodan can be used to benefit commercial buildings.

George Clarke Videos

George visits a house where an Ecodan has been installed

George travels to our Manchester training centre to find out about the support services for an Ecodan installation.

Ecodan Selection Tool

Use this Mitsubishi Ecodan selection tool to calculate the potential savings and the lowered carbon emissions for your home, business or project by using an Ecodan Heat Pump. Along with this the tool also selects the best Ecodan model for your needs along with technical information that may be required. Click here to try the Ecodan Selection Tool

Mistubishi Ecodan Case Studies

Mitsubishi have a range of case studies for domestic and commercial use of their system. To view the case studies click on the links below.

Domestic and Commercial Case Studies


To download the Mitsubishi Ecodan brochure please click here.


To view the latest news regarding the Ecodan, 

Mitsubishi have published the results of a year long study into its Ecodan ASHP in real world trials.