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Design and Installation

Air Conditioning

Aspen air conditioning is part of the Aspen Group which carries out the design and installation of air conditioning systems for commercial and residential projects. Aspen Air Conditioning offer a free site survey as well as competitive prices from our professional design team.

Aspen Air Conditioning are registered and approved installers for all the major brands of the system and offer a 7 year warranty with all work undertaken on certain brands from Aspen.


Air Conditioning Systems

The Aspen Air Conditioning Product range varies from fixed air conditioning systems, fitted air duct systems, air conditioning units and close control air conditioning for use in cleanrooms for a number of industries.


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Aspen Service

Repair and Maintenance

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Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Servicing Service

Aspen Service represents the Aspen Group by supplying service to all our air conditioning and heat pump installations as well as providing the Aspen Service Agreement.

Air conditioning and heat pump equipment is not cheap and we always recommend that, following installation, a Preventative Maintenance Agreement is entered into. This will normally involve 2 – 4 visits per year for air conditioning equipment and an annual visit by a trained engineer. Preventative Maintenance contracts are available from Aspen Service.


During each visit all functions of the system will be inspected, filters and heat exchangers cleaned, operating pressures and controls checked and any faults repaired if possible or noted for a return visit and repair. The aim, of course, is to maintain the equipment in efficient and reliable working order and reduce the risk of failure.


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