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Ground Source Heat Pumps

   We're going underground

Ground source heat pumps work by extracting heat from the ground in your garden or grounds filtered through pipes hidden beneath the surface. Ground heat is fairly constant so a ground source heat pump can be used economically throughout the year.

ground source heat pumps

By using a simple mixture of water and anti-freeze a ground source heat pump circulates through a ground loop pipe, heat extracted from the ground which gets absorbed into this fluid.

The benefits of a ground source heat pump are that it can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions from your home, it can provide heating and hot water, can lower fuel bills and requires very little maintenance once fitted.

The benefit of extracting heat from a ground source is that around 1m below the surface, the ground stays at a constant 8-10ÂșC throughout all seasons. The heat, obtained mainly through stored solar heat can provide more than enough energy for a ground source heat pump to generate enough heat to comfortably heat a building. For more information on how a ground source heat pump works please read the following PDF.

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Water Sourced Energy

water sourced energyAn alternative to drawing ground heat is if a property is located close to a water source for instance a lake. It is therefore possible to use the water from this source to produce the required energy. The lake must be deep enough to be unsusceptible to freezing around the pipes.

Cost Effective Heating

A recommended ground source heat pump installheat pumps is the use of "slinky" ground arrays. Aspen Renewables uses Kensa heat pumps that use the slinky heat exchanger. This is a cost effective way of installing ground source heat pumps as it reduces the digging required during install. They can be installed on their edge on the vertical or layed flat in a trench. The difference between the slinky and a straight pipe is about a fifth of the amount of digging, a huge cost and labour savour. For more information on the Kensa Heat Pumps please view the following PDF download or click on the image on the right to visit the Kensa Heat Pumps website.

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