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Case Study

air source heat pumps sussex

Property Location: Magham Down, East Sussex
Property Type: 5 Bedroom, detached, original cottage built circa 1900, extended in the 1970s and again in 2007.
Construction: Brick under slate roof, with double glazing throughout, loft and cavity wall insulation.
Old Heating System: 25kW LPG boiler, approximately 10 years old operating at 70% efficiency. Standard radiator system and 200 litre hot water cylinder.
New Heating System: 14kW Ecodan unit, with existing radiator system.. The installation was completed within 4 days with a minimum of inconvenience to the homeowner.

mitsubishi heat pumpA survey of the property was carried out and heat loss calculated to be 13.6kW. A 14kW Ecodan was selected as suitable and was installed in August 2009. The boiler was removed and pipes extended to external position and connected to the Ecodan unit.

The hot water cylinder was replaced with a 300 litre capacity unit, to take advantage of using off-peak electricity to heat water at night and minimise the need to top up during the day. No radiators were changed.

In the previous winter the cost of running the LPG boiler had been monitored and had averaged £14.50 per day during the November to February period. During the same period this year the cost of running the Ecodan unit has averaged £6.10 per day, despite colder external conditions. The occupants have noticed an improvement in comfort conditions, due to a more constant temperature being achieved. This is due to the different way that a heat pump is controlled, and its ability to deliver heat ‘intelligently’ by increasing the heating water temperature as the external temperature decreases. The system continues to be monitored so that the 12 months running cost can be assessed and compared.